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What is relative dating of fossils

Fossil: Agatized Coral (Anthozoa) Age: Eocene Year Designated: 1979 (Designated State Stone) Currently, Florida does not officially recognize a state fossil but it's state stone is actually a fossil, so we'll count it.

They could weight up to 350 kg and had massive, 8 inch long upper canine teeth which they used to prey on large ice age mammals.

The majority of the states in the United States have an official state fossil designation.

Several states have fossils unofficially designated thanks to a fossil being designated as the “State Dinosaur” or “State Stone”.

It is believed that a typical Stegosaurus weighed ten tons but had a brain that was only about 2 ounces (the size of a walnut) While probably not the brightest of the dinosaurs it had a formidable array of armored plates, and a spiked tail with which to defend itself.

Fossil: Dinosaur Tracks (Eubrontes giganteus) Age: Jurassic Year Designated: 1991 The Connecticut Valley is home to one of the most impressive dinosaur track sites in the world.

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