Updating ram dell optiplex

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Updating ram dell optiplex

"Guys are tasked with constantly testing, constantly readying themselves for the next update, finding out what's coming down the pipeline," said James Rankin, end-user computing solutions architect at Howell Technology Group, an IT consultancy in the U. Instead, individual users get Windows 10 when they're due for a PC upgrade, which is every four years. we'd break a ton of stuff." Dealing with the automatic updates was a problem at first, however.

This method means the university can move to Windows 10 little by little and address any problems with a smaller number of users at one time. "It's the annoyance of coming in in the morning and turning your computer on and it says, 'Give me 30 minutes while I update' … "I don't think Microsoft did a great job of explaining exactly how to sort of manage that in a larger environment." To better manage that process, the university implemented the Long Term Servicing Branch, which allows IT to receive fewer large updates and defer ones they don't want for several months.

User privacy was a big concern off the bat, for instance, because the first Windows 10 release by default collected data about everything from system diagnostics to device location.

Microsoft updated the privacy settings in the Creators Update earlier this year to allow users and IT to turn some data collection capabilities off, however. "You've got to be able to turn various bits of this off and be confident that Microsoft is using it in a way that's …

IT moved the user's apps, data and settings from the existing device's hard drive to a back-end server, then transferred it all to the new PC.

Third-party contractors delivered users' new laptops and removed their old ones.

UMass Lowell also relies on Bit Locker to provide encryption for 100% of its content, Athanas said.

"That's a major bullet in the gun for us," he said.

"It's a lot more secure than previous versions of Windows," Rankin said.

There are a number of different ways to approach Windows 10 migration, and each brings its pros and cons.

At Die Mobiliar, the first step was to test its applications, drivers and other components for Windows 10 compatibility.

"We want to make sure that we're being very diligent with our student and employee data." From the user perspective, Windows 10 doesn't have too much of a learning curve.

Plus, many business users took advantage of a Microsoft offer that allowed some Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 customers to upgrade to Windows 10 for free during the operating system's first year on the market, Die Mobiliar's Thomet said.

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The company moved 1,200 users to Windows 10 over the course of one month early last year, and new hardware was a driving factor.