Updating my sound Non commercial sex chat

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Updating my sound

it comes back every now and then for a few minutes or an hour or so and then goes again.

if it is working the sound also disappears if my laptop freezes.

I had the same problem after I tried to change my speakers to run my t.v. installed drivers didn't do anything so I did a system restore of only one day and my sound is back, but I still can't get my television speakers to work with my computer.

speakers, I went to control panel and clicked sounds and clicked on digital and then decided it wasn't going to work so tried to return to speakers and it deleted digital and it deleted speakers after I fiddled around a minute longer, so that is how I got a red X on my sound i-con by the clock. DOUBLE CLICK ON SOUND ICON, TWO OPTIONS APPEAR, LOCATE THE DOWN ONE AND CLICK ON IT, TRY TO CHECK ALL THE CONTROL BUTTEN, MOVE ALL OF THEM UP OR GO TO DEVICE MANAGER AND CHECK YOUR DRIVER SOUND WHETHER IT FOUNDS DRIVER OR NOT, IF YOUR DRIVER IS CROSSED WITH RED, MEANING THAT YOUR PC DOESN'T FOUND SOUND, SO U HAVE TO INSTALL YOUR DRIVER IN ORDER TO ENJOY YOUR PC. Hi, I also have problems with the sound of my pc, it is a laptop, when I am using skype, I can hear very well to the other person, but they can not hear me, and if they do it a really bad quality, either calling from pc to pc, or from pc to ordinary phone; I have checked the configuration at sound device at control panel, everything seems to be fine there, what else can I do? I have a sony vaio and the sound used to be fine, then all of a sudden there was no sound.

I hope this the driver is the problem you should download the Driver Genius software instead of searching at sound drivers websites.

that program will search and install a driver compatible with your sound card and i T should solve the problem.

Just updated last night, computer had been on for about an hour or so prior to the update and everything was working fine.

Everything I clicked on in the device manager said that. or show disalbed devices, just click that and they should come up and then you just click it and you should have sound!

but if you go on control panel it says speakers and audio devices are all working perfectly fine, although no sound. alright I need help on how to connect my desktop to my tv so it can enable sound(play something on my computer and play it through the tv speakers) I connected it with I believe a vga cable the regular blue cable I guess but theres no sound now if theres any way I can fix this right now please reply if anybody knows of a link where they sell a special wire please send me that link and ill be so greatful but if you need more info on what im trying to connect here its a HP with vista and the tv is an AKAI if need more info please dont hesitate to reply to this please im really annoyed by this and anybody would be of much help thanks in advancedsame problem no sound coming out of my tv being produced by computer oviously but I cant hear anything does anybody know of a cable that I have to buy its a vista HP and the tv is AKAI im using a VGA cable to Produce the images but theres no sound Joel, Your problem is the VGA cable will not transmit audio. To get audio to your tv, go from your headset cable to an RCA cable, otherwise known as a 1/8" to Composite/RCA cable.

Hope this solves your problem, if it doesn't let me know and I'll be happy to try and help you solve it.

Went ahead and just plugged my speakers into my motherboard and everything is back to normal. Checked this morning and the sound card is still not detected.

Hello, I'm having serious and very annoying trouble with my sound. I have a Windows Vista, the other day I reinstalled it and, since then my sound button at the corner of my screen next too the clock has had a little red "x" on it. In "Hardware and Sound" in control panel it saids it's working fine.

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Then you select the sound card and it will show the manufacturer. MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER WARANTY IS OUT BEFORE YOU OPEN THE COMPUTER TO LOOK AT THE SOUND CARD! If you still have a coverage call the computer manufacturer for tech. If it not fully seated this will also cause this problem.

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