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Trace dating

The team are surprised to learn, following Sam's intuitive work, that Eve is actually missing twice, under two different identities.After finally working out the day she vanished, the squad must decipher truth from fiction in order to solve the case.Evidence from other students at the school, and a very risky investigative move by Danny, helps the agents uncover Spaulding's real character as Jack enters a race against time, and in defiance of his bosses instructions, to find the missing boy he feels is still alive.Patrick Kent, an executive of a New York firm chaired by his father-in-law, goes missing in an airport in San Diego.Her husband, Duncan, is just yards away at the time, and despite a chase, he is unable to save his wife when she is driven away at high speed in her own car.At first, the team suspect that it may have been a carjacking gone wrong, but when a witness suggests that Emily may have recognised the assailant, they think again.The team at first speculate that he may have run away, but when they discover he has an older brother who was convicted of some serious criminal activity, they think again.

Jack immediately suspects that the school's headmaster, Graham Spaulding, is responsible, and the team must tread very carefully around him in order to not show that he is the focus of their investigation, in the hope that he might lead them to where Andy is.Eve Cleary, a 19-year-old aspiring model, goes missing, but the team have trouble working out exactly when she disappeared.Their work is complicated further when it becomes obvious that there are very few people who actually knew Eve, and therefore, evidence and witness accounts are hard to come by.Abby Buckman, the three-year-old daughter of ADA Angela Buckman and her NYU lecturer husband Matthew, vanishes on a trip to the park with her nanny.The team suspects that Angela's work may be the cause of her little girl's disappearance, especially after she tells them she was threatened on the street by a man only days earlier.

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The kidnapper is demanding $1 million in return for Maggie's release, and the team must battle against time to save her. Gabe Freedman vanishes on his 11th birthday, on the way to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium with his dad, Bob.