Tips for dating a much younger man

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Tips for dating a much younger man

That said, it’s not always smooth sailing when a woman dates a younger man.

Things can be complicated when it comes to embarking on a romantic relationship with a younger guy. When it comes to older women dating younger men, consider that they have a lot more energy—and all kinds of energy.

I'd say that you should go for it and go for whichever guy you like.

UPDATED June 17th, 2017 Ever since Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman made it cool in the 1967 film The Graduate, women have embraced the cougar role.

If you as a more experienced partner can make him feel good about making you feel good he’ll have the confidence and the drive to get stuck in (ahem) and maybe even try new unusual things with you.

Tip: Whisper something explicit in his ear in the heat of passion and he will put more energy into finishing the job.

If you still feel you need a push try some of the sex tips Gaynor mentions in her video. Act dignified and classy – that’s what he’s after, not twerking or hipless wonders.

Drawing on the advice I’ve already given, the most erotic thing a someone can ever do for their partner is recognise their fetishes and fantasies, accepting them and then enacting them to the best of one’s ability.

If he has a fantasy about being spanked by a teacher – act it out, if you have a fantasy about being rescued by a sexy young firefighter and his massive hose – act it out.

If he doesn’t know how to pleasure you properly, instruct him. A healthy relationship must have the capability for communication about anything and everything.

If you can’t talk to your man about your lack of fulfilment there may be something wrong.

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Here are some things to consider before you consider dating a younger man. Better stamina means they can enjoy more active dates, and no, we’re not just talking about racquetball.

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