Tanny tv dating

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Tanny tv dating

Together, the young foursome braves the ups and downs of love and romance, offering one another advice, but mostly adding support and humor to what seems to be an endless string of dating dilemmas.

A sweet blended-family sitcom about two divorcées who share a New York apartment with their three kids.

Season 4, Episode 4October 13, 1986A hospitalized Kate, depressed over not being discharged, decides she needs company and talks Allie into having elective surgery.

Season 4, Episode 5October 20, 1986Kate's doctor takes a romantic interest in her, but Allie learns that he's not all he's cracked up to be.

Season 4, Episode 2September 29, 1986When Kate and Allie receive a reward for returning a wallet, they have different ideas about how the money should be spent.

Season 4, Episode 3October 6, 1986Sparks fly when a classmate picks on Chip, but when Allie confronts the child's father (David Groh) sparks of a different kind fly.

The show's not available on Charlotte TV nor in most other markets -- though, like nearly everything else these days, you can catch it on the Internet. He pretty much soured on the serious media after to answer softball tosses about the good old days, even appearing with his first and second wives. There was the short-lived syndicated TV talk show, ; and those T-shirts declaring "I ran into Tammy Faye at the shopping mall." She became popular with many in the gay community—maybe it was the heavy mascara, the cancer-can't-defeat-me feistiness, or the way she kept coming back from scandal, ridicule, prescription drug addiction, and whatever else life threw at her.

With his loveable wife, Tammy Faye, giggling and crying at his side, he commanded a religious TV empire that mesmerized millions.

THIS MAY BEWILDER or bother plenty of people, but here goes anyway: Jim Bakker hosts a religious TV show with his perky wife.

At age seventy-one, he preaches God's love while peddling Jesus pendants and the like from a new Christian retreat in Blue Eye, Missouri, which looks a lot like his old Christian retreat in Fort Mill.

Season 4, Episode 6October 27, 1986Kate and Allie find strange things happening when their Halloween visitor claims he's brought a ghost.

Season 4, Episode 7November 3, 1986Jennie needs advice when her boyfriend proposes that they sleep together, but she doesn't think Allie can help. Allison Smith, Frederick Koehler, Susan Saint James.

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