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Speed dating teaching technique

(Matson, 1993, p.1) Either we have a worldwide conspiracy among geologists, which no sane person believes, or else the numerous radiometric dates were consistent enough to allow that kind of close agreement. Dalrymple, an expert in radiometric dating with lots of hands-on experience, puts the percentage of bad dates at only 5-10 percent.Thus, we clear away the first illusion spun by creationism, namely that most of the dates are bad, that the radiometric picture is totally chaotic.He is very good at showing the many ways that things can go wrong; he has not shown that things normally go wrong.To be sure, Woodmorappe isn't claiming that his table is a normal sample of radiometric dates. However, in order to make his case against radiometric dating he must, at the very least, show a high percentage of bad dates among the credible radiometric candidates.A spectacular example showcased by Woodmorappe, though not actually listed in his table, deals with an example from California.The Pharump diabase from the Precambrian of California yielded an Rb-Sr isochron of no less than 34 b.y., which is not only 7 times the age of the earth but also greater than some uniformitarian estimates of the age of the universe.

Former creationist Glenn Morton examines several famous young-earth creationist arguments and provides data to illustrate their flaws.Seriously speaking, a favorite attack on radiometric dating involves dangling "horror stories" about gross errors before the reader, thus giving the impression that radiometric dating is totally unreliable.Woodmorappe (1979), with his collection of some 350 bad radiometric dates, must surely be the master of that technique.The unsuspecting reader would assume that here is a real disaster which geochronologists were trying to cover up with some phoney explanation!In fact, the 34-billion-year figure is the result of an incompetent reading of the data, an attempt by Woodmorappe to see an isochron where none exists!

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(Matson, 1993, p.2) Thus, Woodmorappe is acting more like a mechanic who informs a car owner of the many ways that her car can break down, who quotes numerous horror stories to illustrate his points.

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