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The Alt-Lite Keyboard Warriors are giving each other hand jobs in celebration, just like they do whenever a Cop puts a bullet in a Black back and then says the murdered person was threatening him.In fact, I bet the Cops are rejoicing that the Army is testing out wholesale lynching and since it already happens here, maybe they want to expand it.And the earliest mention of him in history was by a monk named Geoffery of Monmouth who wrote it down 600 years after the story took place. It’s living (alleged) proof that the whole nasty business should have been scrapped in the time of Nimrod.Uther Pendragon is alleged to be a refugee from a civil war in what’s now Syria and Turkey.I applaud Franken for setting a moral example, but if I was a constituent I’d be screwed.Couldn’t Franken have scored higher politically by saying I’m a sexist wretch, like many men in power, but I’m not going to step down until our creepy president does.He was like mint jelly and a sprig of parsley (On The Lamb) and no, I’m not taking it seriously.

The impetus of CSPD’s efforts to infiltrate local activists has been to track ANTIFA, a nefarious worldwide anti-fascist organization apparently. In a related deal, I got an email from somebody who, for a fee, will send your kids personalized letters FROM Satan Claws reassuring them their ‘letters to Santa’ were received and the elves are working on it…

The senator’s resignation shows great respect to the #Me Too movement, but dishonors representational politics.

Of course Franken’s resignation is true to his party’s character. Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s philandering is far more toxic, but God Bless Him, he’s sticking to his guns, because he dances with them that brought him.

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