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But being arrested may not have been the worst thing to happen to him this evening.

As officers order the man out of his truck and pat him down, an older woman charges down the street toward the scene yelling, followed by a second, younger woman and a little boy and girl. ” the little boy cries, as the women — apparently his mother and wife — yell at the officers, not yet realizing why the man is being hauled off in cuffs.

The pre-dawn hours are also surprisingly popular, vice cops say, as workers on their way to early morning job sites cruise by the girls hanging out in front of strip malls and motels.

The ritual is the same almost every time: a car slowly pulls to the side of the road.

He’d allegedly tried to pay for sex on the same block as his own family home. Scott Murray, who oversees the vice division at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division.

With a furtive gesture, the brunette in tight jeans had signaled other officers that the man had solicited her for prostitution.

A white Ford F-150 cruises into the parking lot of a nondescript strip mall across from the train tracks on San Fernando Road in Pacoima.

The driver, a heavyset guy — built like a linebacker, clad in a Michael Vick jersey and jeans — lumbers out and then pauses.

After his purchase, he backs up his truck and pulls up alongside the woman.

The two chat, a deal is struck, and he heads out of the parking lot to meet her on a dimly lit side street.

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A woman hanging out cautiously approaches to see if the driver is interested.

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