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In his dying moment, Dyne recognized him as Palpatine.

Outside, the Republic fleet closed in on the Confederate ships and positioned themselves in a defensive screen around the planet.

Meanwhile, the Republic Group, an anti-Palpatine, pro-Galactic Republic group, decided to retrieve and unveil the Insignia of Unity, which had earlier been stolen by them.

They then sent a request for the spacers Tobb Jadak and Reeze Duurmun to come to Coruscant to discuss retrieving it.

They succeeded in boarding the Invisible Hand, and after a duel, Skywalker killed Dooku.

The duo, along with the now-freed Palpatine, were unable to escape, however, as Grievous's droids captured them.

The Confederacy, led by General Grievous, swept into the system, catching the Republic completely by surprise.

The Confederate Navy hammered the few defending warships, destroying them, before assaulting the planet itself.

Unknown to them was that Palpatine was Sidious, and he was controlling both sides, in hopes of obtaining his true goal—complete galactic control.

Palpatine planned a lightning raid on the planet led by General Grievous, Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies.

Grievous assembled an armada of thousands of destroyers and frigates—led by the Providence-class destroyer Invisible Hand—for a strike on Coruscant.

While the attack was taking place, an investigation conducted by a team consisting of Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Shaak Ti, Captain Dyne of Republic Intelligence, ARC commander Valiant, and his clone troopers within Darth Sidious' hideout in the Works.

Inside the building, they were able to track Sidious' path from the building by his footprints; following the trail, the team ended up in the sub-basements of 500 Republica, where they were temporarily halted by security.

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"General, I'm certain you recall the plans we discussed some time ago, regarding the final stage of the war.""Regarding Coruscant.""Regarding Coruscant, yes. Prepare, General, for what will be your finest hour." As a result of this, most of the Republic's Jedi were locked up in battles far away from the Core Worlds, and thanks to carefully controlled propaganda, the general populace believed that a total Republic victory was near.

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