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Precaution before updating bios

Some horizontal lines appeared in the middle of the LCD. When I torque the screen, the image appears but it’s distorted with some horizontal lines running across the screen. One day you wake up, turn on the laptop and see one or a few hair-like vertical lines in different colors.

As it does so, the air picks up heat from the hot metal fins and takes it away from the laptop.

At the far end of this copper heatsink, the heat is fed into a series of side-by-side metal fins.

This grill provides a very large surface area for the heat to be spread over.

So a smaller amount of heat is transferred to the air in it’s journey to the outside world.

With less heat being removed, the heat starts to build up inside the laptop (overheating).

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Common symptoms of laptop overheating include some or all from this list; In around 1 in 10 cases of laptop overheating, there is potentially a phyical fault with the cooling hardware.