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I STRUCK A DEAL AND FOR BOXING UP 3 FULL STORIES OF ANTIQUES I GOT TO KEEP ALL THE BOTTLES AND STONEWARE.(65 PIECES) AND 6500 BOTTLES....I PULLED SOME GREAT STUFF OUT OF THE BUNCH AND REMEMBER HAVING CASES ALL OVER THE PLACE,6500 BOTTLES TAKES UP ALOT OF ROOM.was producing fine perfumes, which were highly sought after by the trendy ladies of the day.Crown gained a reputation for quality fragrances and by the end of the 19th century, Crown had a range of 49 scents, available worldwide.SOME OF THE PEOPLE I DIG WITH HAVE GOTTEN GREAT STUFF AS WELL AND IT'S ALWAYS A TREASURE HUNT FOR ME.I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE NEXT ONE COME OUT AND GET IT CLEANED UP, NOTECT.

Despite it's innovations and high reputation, Crown's success dwindled after the death of Thomson Sr. The company was sold to Lever Brothers (now Unilever) for £300,000.Under Lever, Crown's resources were turned to making hair products rather than perfume, and in 1939 the company was closed. His grandfather started outside of Winston- Salem around 1861.He would fire up the still that was on the farm and distilled whiskey for family use.I REALLY ENJOY MY SITE ALOT AND ALWAYS WANT IT BETTER!! Crown had it's origins in corset making - In 1840, American, William Sparks Thomson opened his corset business at 40 The Strand, London.He created high busted corsets to "assist the lady whom nature had not endowed with ample fullness".

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