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Outlook updating organization forms

Here we perform a very basic change: we will add some text to meeting description and add a short notice in the Location field, but do not let this fool you – you can perform much more interesting customizations, add field, custom actions, add scripts and much more, but this is beyond the scope of this article.Use synchronization settings to control which fields you want to replicate in Outlook during synchronization.Synchronization settings control whether your object is editable or read only in Outlook.Select the The filterable check box determines whether end users can use a particular field while defining client-side filters.Selecting the filterable check box for a field allows end users to use that field as part of a filter while synchronizing data with the Outlook client.The change key field check box is selected by default for fields that you add using Application Composer.To create a filter for a specific user role: You can use Application Composer Outlook Pages to access advanced scripting functionality in Outlook. Customized Event Scripts are scripts that you create.

All fields selected as natural keys are used for deduplication.

You are all familiar with the standard Outlook form for meeting requests where you specify the meeting details and invite attendees and probably have seen it so many times that an idea of changing the way the form looks or adding some information to the form is something you have not even thought about.

But suppose one day you come to work and discover that there had been a management meeting (oh well…

You can set up filters on the server to control what data you want to synchronize to Outlook.

In this example, you add a filter to ensure that only opportunities that closed in the last six months from the current date are synchronized to Outlook.

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Called after an item is created, to perform custom post-initialization.

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