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Moble dating

Coffee Meets Bagel, a four-month-old New York startup, found that users were 37.2 percent more likely to want to date a person if they had mutual Facebook friends.

If users had four mutual friends, they were 90 percent more inclined.

Most companies advertise them as a way to “meet new friends,” which is why they fall under the social networking label.

Skout’s homepage puts it simply: “Life is short, you are busy and people are having fun without you right now.

Their mandate was simple: Try out two apps for two weeks and provide honest feedback.

While developers collect their own statistics and user responses, this was the first time this sort of focus group was organized, she said.

But it could also spontaneously put you in front of the someone who likes your favorite food, books and music and might just like you, too. It’s been around since the invention of mobile phones.Franklin Horn had never tried mobile dating before.“I don’t think I would have started it on my own, and I’m in the software industry,” said Horn, 27, who works at a tech startup in Santa Monica.Yoke, a Facebook app, goes beyond common friends to shared interests.It uses Netflix, Amazon and Spotify to match users according to their taste in movies, books and music.

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(Most apps let users display only their general location, rather than a precise one.) But for those who want quality, there are options.