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I am really curious to see if that term turns guys off..they think women are using it as bait to catch them and then try to get them to marry. which eventually will lead to moving in together and being together for the rest of our lives. Tiger, Well, for me LTR doesn't mean moving in and living together.I'm sure there are some women who might, but there are probably more women who do NOT. Men and women do not have to marry to have a relationship. My ex had a great LTR with a lady for almost eight years until his tragic death on 12-26-05.

What that future entails is up to the two of us to decide and discover together Short answer: LTR = living together? Not necessarily, (common law is quite popular )I can't blame them for not wanting to marry again. Been there/done that/got the battle scars to prove it. You don't need to be married to know that you always want to be together.

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Tender Loving Care TS: Or, do you think it means being exclusive with a woman - both maintaining your own homes - only sleeping over two or three nights a week or more or less, as each of you sees fit?

It means that I want to share my life with her and enjoy each other's company. For me, personally, such would imply that I want to build and share a life with my partner, to one day marry him and continue that journey.

It also means, to me, that I might have interest in marrying her some day. I do know it means Long Term Relationship, but what is your definition of a Long Term Relationship?

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If either of us is dating around, we're not "in a relationship." I would consider a relationship to be "long-term" once is passes a year or so.