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Avoid non-essential travel to Lebanon, due to the unpredictable security situation.If you must travel to Lebanon, ensure that your travel documents are up to date and sign up with the Registration of Canadians Abroad service.Bombings, grenade attacks, political assassinations, gun battles, targeted vehicle explosions and shelling in commercial and residential districts in Lebanon have caused numerous deaths and injuries, particularly during the violence spike of 2013-14 in Beirut.The potential for such attacks and a rapid deterioration of the security situation remain across the country, including in Beirut.There is a threat of terrorist attacks, which could occur at any time in the country.

Avoid all travel to south of the Litani River, near the border with Israel, due to military activity.It explains the trends that are defining our world of 7 billion and documents actions that people in vastly different countries and circumstances are taking in their own communities to make the most of their--and our--world.The report makes the case for sound planning and investing in people.Women in Lebanon are subject to various forms of violence: domestic, physical, sexual, psychological, economic, political and symbolic.Despite the prevalence of violence against women, data remains scarce and scattered and efforts for ending Gender Based Violence (GBV) remain modestly coordinated.

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Recent concerted efforts between governmental institutions and civil society organizations supported by the media have succeeded in voicing the issue of GBV in Lebanon and promoting it to the public debate such as the draft law for protecting women against domestic violence and which was led by the national coalition On the occasion of World AIDS Day, under the patronage of H.

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