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What may be the reason and what can I do to stop it?I'm only 17, I don't want to eventually become scared of falling asleep :| I have just read the above response and noticed you said "As long as this is only occurring when you are waking up and not when you are falling asleep, this is virtually always completely benign, more common than you might expect"; what does it mean if I am experiencing these hypnopompic hallucinations when I just starting to fall asleep but feel as though I am still half awake?ive only had these dreams whilst napping during the day or on medication. What really bothers me is the fact that it happens when I'm about to fall asleep.I manage to wake up after few false awakenings, but it often happens several times before I finally go into normal sleep.

I was dreaming of a tornado and them not letting me get in my car and leave school. I ran outside got,got in my car,and was sitting at the stop sign. I read it a couple months ago and it's got some really breakthrough insights for dealing with sleep paralysis--stuff that I've never seen anywhere else.

I don't know how to explain it, but a few times I have dreamt that I am laying there awake and paralyzed or keep going in and out of dreams, but I don't actually know if I am dreaming or actually awake.

It's like I keep waking up and trying to force my eyes open and move but I can't and if there is anyone else there I am saying to them that I know I'm dreaming.

i know if im sleeping because i can never read the time its like a blur..

ive heard in lucid dreams that u cant look at such things like mirrors and phones they are just a blurr.

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