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Life that Christmas season wasn’t exactly rainbows and unicorns.

Developing pictures meant many hours in the dark, alone with my thoughts, the distinct smell of photo-developing chemicals, and a radio.

So this mini-rant may come in a future Landmark Live episode. ****** As you’ll see inside this issue, the three-person disciplinary panel consisting of two lawyers and one lay person have recommended the lowest of discipline against Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd for allegedly trying to “publicly shame” writers who sent letters in support of leniency for a confessed child molester. Some high profile members of the Dearborn community wrote letters to a judge seeking leniency for a confessed child molester who also happened to be a high profile member of the Dearborn community.So take your triple and your participation ribbon and be happy.And please don’t try to be so forthcoming with information when the influential try to secretly influence the court system.You need to learn to fake this idea of transparency a little better, please.For the letter writers: Here’s your participation ribbon.

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Every day I would see sadness and loneliness on the face of my mother, widowed at the age of 45 and having never worked outside the home.