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So long as the destination has meaning for the both of you, it can be a great addition to a first anniversary – especially in combination with some personalized gifts.

Here are some tips to help you plan a romantic and unforgettable first anniversary.

While your first date may technically have been sitting on the couch watching a movie with a bottle of wine, recapturing the beginning of your relationship can be a great way to rekindle that initial excitement and attraction that drew you together.

For some reason people tend to assume that men have to do all the planning when it comes to an anniversary.

However, women are just as involved in the relationship as guys and should be equally responsible for the anniversary’s success.

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  1. and all you have to do to make them come home with you, is NOT FUCK UP… Getting a phone call of a friend asking where the hell you’ve been the last couple weeks, and proudly telling him with a grin from ear to ear that you were so busy going on dates you completely forgot about the men around you who are less fortunate with women… Is the kind of life you see yourself living because you know exactly what attracts women?