Death note dating quiz

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Le fait que cette punition existe prouve que c’est possible mais que cela leur est interdit…pas provoquer de maladies qui durent plus de 23 jours.

Le deuxième réponse est donc bonne elle aussi, mais incomplète au vu des choix proposés car ne laissant rien entendre pour les maladies durant de 23 à 33 jours.

The Bank of England today unveiled a new £10 note celebrating Jane Austen with eight different security features on the 200th anniversary of the author's death.

The new tenner, which will be issued on September 14, is the first Bank of England banknote with a tactile feature to help blind and partially-sighted users.

Comme cette option n’est pas proposée dans le quiz, il fallait choisir l’autre.

But you're willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to see that the world is a better place for everyone.

Le 31 octobre, nous vous avons proposé une journée complète sur le thème de Death Note !

Vous avez d’ailleurs été nombreux (près de 600) à tester vos connaissances sur ce quiz qui était particulièrement ardu !

You fancy yourself the smartest person around, and you're probably right.

You have a very clear vision for the future, and you're prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. You have no problem being by yourself for long periods of time. Most people don't understand your habits and manners, and even go so far as to call them "weird," but you don't mind. You aren't afraid to take risks to get what you want, and you've been known to hurt a few people to protect the ones you love.

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Tout d’abord, les règles précisent qu’un cahier n’a pas de fin, et par conséquent que ses pages « apparaissent » si les autres venaient à être toutes remplies.

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  1. Sometimes when starting communication or meeting a new person it is not immediately possible to understand if he/she is interesting, clever, witty, and if he/she is an appropriate person for you.

  2. I mind how once we lay such a transparent summer morning, How you settled your head athwart my hips and gently turn'd over upon me, And parted the shirt from my bosom-bone, and plunged your tongue to my bare-stript heart, And reach'd till you felt my beard, and reach'd till you held my feet.