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It sounds like you're really starting to "get it" at a deep level.

You need to remember that women like the idea of WANTING and EXPECTING what's going to happen. It's also VERY useful to understand what to do AFTER you've kissed a woman... If you don't, then knowing all the fancy techniques in the world won't help you. First, if you want to even GET to the point where it's time to hold a woman's hand, kiss her, and get even more physical, then you MUST understand how ATTRACTION works, and how to make women feel that powerful emotion. If you try to kiss her, and she pulls away, she might reject you forever. If you want to kiss her, but you're nervous about it, SHE KNOWS. Here's an interesting thought: In their book "Sexual Interactions", Albert and Elizabeth Allgeier mention that in one study almost 40% of women reported refusing sexual intercourse when they actually WANTED it. Here's how it works: Let's say that you're talking to a woman at your place, and you start holding her hand. "David De Angelo" and "Double Your Dating" are trademarks used by David De Angelo Communications Inc. Here's the KICKER: If you're afraid of her rejecting you, SHE KNOWS. Women are approximately TEN TIMES as good at men when it comes to reading and interpreting subtle body language, and THEY KNOW WHAT WE'RE THINKING. Let's talk a little bit about the topics of RESISTANCE and REJECTION. By the way, before I discuss this, I want to point out that this DOESN'T mean that a woman wants a man to force himself on her. This is a way to INCREASE a woman's sexual arousal and AMPLIFY the ATTRACTION that's already present in the situation. Advanced Dating Techniques Watch my free video where I reveal the 4 Laws of Attraction and how to use these 4 laws to meet and get any woman you want. Your Friend, David De Angelo Copyright 2007 David De Angelo Communications Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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If you understand the dynamics of how and why women become sexually aroused, then EVERYTHING CHANGES. Women act like they want a man to chase them around all night... I have a technique that I teach that's called "Two steps forward, one step back". A few minutes later, reach over and take her hand again... Then, lean over and kiss her (use "The Kiss Test", as described at my website and in Double Your Dating). It will blow your mind, and get you a LOT of dates.

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