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We have removed the following refclock drivers, which were either broken and won’t compile on modern systems (12, 21), or irretrievably obsolete due to the WWVB modulation change (3, 19, 32, 34, 36), or had unfixable Y2K or GPS rollover issues (21, 37), or unfixable security issues (16, 39, 43, 45), or relied on hardware interfaces no longer found on modern systems (6, 7, 35, 41), or were deprecated in NTP Classic and had their documentation removed (13, 14, 17), or duplicate support in other drivers (38) or were EOLed more than 20 years ago without aftermarket activity or Web chatter in a decade (9), or we have been advised by their maintainers should go (27), or were obvious dorm-room stunts not corresponding to real hardware (33).

In addition, support for WWVB (broken by the 2013 modulation change), OMEGA (shut down in 1997), and GOES (shut down in 2005) has been removed from the Type 5 (True Time) driver. You may be unable to build NTPsec on a sufficiently archaic big-iron Unix platform.

Since WWVB changed its modulation scheme at 2012-10-29TZ Spectracom WWVB receivers from before that date no longer function.

The models covered by this driver (Model 8170, Netclock/2 WWVB) are in this category.

Pine Cliff becomes tangled up in a story of revenge, murder, mystery, and the possibility of being left out forever.

Will one of it's citizens be able to solve everything before time runs out?

Support for VMS has been removed, and is unlikely to be restored unless that platform has achieved effectively full standards conformance and someone interested throws engineering time and money at us.

Dave Mills replied to that one in a way that implies he still has two of these and there is a workaround to the problem described, but also says they have a service life of only a few years due to a failure-prone component.

Support for the native APIs of any version that last shipped in the last century has been removed.

The codebase assumes full POSIX.1-2001 and C99 conformance including ANSI pthreads; in some cases you may be able to meet this requirement by upgrading to a modern GCC- or clang-based toolchain.

His findings with Sophos' products led him to write a 30-page paper entitled "Sophail: Applied attacks against Sophos Antivirus" in 2012, which concludes that the company was "working with good intentions" but is "ill-equipped to handle the output of one co-operative security researcher working in his spare time" and that its products shouldn't be used on high-value systems. In February 2017 he found and reported a critical bug in Cloudflare's infrastructure leaking user-sensitive data along with requests affecting millions of websites around the world which has been referred to as Cloudbleed (in reference to the Heartbleed bug that Google co-discovered).

Accordingly, we have already removed many obsolete features, and have a schedule of more feature removals planned.

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Spectracom has not produced any new time-radio gear since the modulation change. It demodulates an audio signal emitted by several radio time sources, requiring custom wiring to connect to a microphone or line-in port.

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