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He's no stranger to advocating for greater accessibility, but says over the years, he's noticed people shy away from talking openly about disability issues.

"I guess for some people it's a bit taboo, not because it's a bad topic per se, but because it's something they're uncomfortable talking about," said Peeler who runs Squeaky Wheel Productions.

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Founded in 1759 by New England Planters, the village of Chester is noted for sailing, stately homes, magnificent gardens and a relaxed lifestyle where the scenic beauty will capture your heart.

"I think it's important to put myself out there because I think other people with disabilities and even able-bodied people have a lot to learn from that." And through his research, he's learning almost as much as his viewers.

In his most-viewed video, Peelers shares some of the challenges he faced growing up with duchenne.There were four wars between the British and the French over ownership of this area between 1604, when the first French settlers arrived, and 1783, when the Treaty of Paris was signed, under which the British were granted control of all French territories in eastern Canada, except for the small island of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. The first English-speaking settlers arrived in 1749, under the leadership of Lieutenant General Edward Cornwallis.These 2500 settlers established Halifax, the present-day capital of Nova Scotia.The Nova Scotia Archives, recognizing that the most important information for genealogists would be located in the land petitions themselves (which sometimes were called “Memorials”), has scanned the petitions for Nova Scotia land grants located in the “Land petitions and other grants” (which cover the period from 1769 to 1799) series, as well as those in the “Cape Breton land petitions and other material” series (which include the period from 1787 to 1843). There are other documents in these series as well, such as draft land grants, which have not been scanned. Ask your local librarian whether or not they can be ordered in through an interlibrary loan program.Another useful online database is the Ward Chipman, Muster Master's Office (1777-1785) database, which is part of the Library and Archives Canada collection.

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The area also had an influx of United Empire Loyalists after the American Revolutionary War, which dramatically increased the population.