Dating over weight woman

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Dating over weight woman

He eloped with, of course, a smaller woman,” agonises Joy, with renewed anger written all over her face.

Agony of plus-size women Confessing that, indeed, this is a man’s world, Joy wonders why, unlike portly men, plus size women get judged harshly.

Pressure to look fit is real for women, especially after marriage or child birth that leaves one with massive baby fat.

“Women get judged so harshly when they get out of shape, mostly following the vagaries of child birth.

A while back while attending a previous chapter of The Koroga music Festival in Nairobi, there was a lady who, without a shred of modesty, began stealing glances at my boyfriend.

Harriet says she has lost most of her boyfriends to slender women, and she suspects her weight has always been her Waterloo. There are many other plus-size women going through similar tribulations. She is in her forties and a single mother of one kid, yet no man has found her ideal for marriage, a problem she solely blames on her weight. But no man has seen me as an ideal woman to settle down with.

Most of the men who hit on me are those with short-term fetishes for big women.” “They always vanish once they have satisfied their curiosity.

Even my baby daddy whom I was with in a come-we-stay marriage couldn’t stand me.

Harriet has seen it all; from constantly feeling insecure, to people staring and making rude comments about her weight — albeit under their breath, to receiving backhanded compliments such as “(you are a very lucky girl)” from her friends whenever she bags a physically fit and handsome boyfriend to strangers shamelessly hitting on her men at events.

Hear her: “One of the most frustrating moments is other women making passes at my man in my presence.

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It’s unfortunate how skinny men get pitied for dating plus-size girls, with the sex life of such a duo being put to questions.