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Dating omega psi phi man

The footage, which Facebook has since removed, shows Stephens approaching Robert Godwin Sr. “She’s the reason that this is about to happen to you,” Stephens tells Godwin before gunning him down.In another video, Stephens can be seen calmly telling somebody over the phone that he killed more than a dozen others.

Godwin often collected cans on the street, Robert Godwin Jr. “He hugged my wife and me and said ‘I’ll see you guys next time,’” the son recalled. said he hasn’t been able to summon the strength to watch the video of his father’s shooting death. Stephens is considered “armed and dangerous” and appears to have “deep, deep issues,” Williams said.The woman who is mentioned in the video is “safe” in an undisclosed location, according to police.I’ll post a picture to Facebook or Instagram and give a subtle(yet not subtle) hint to the world and my girlfriends that I got chose, am happy, and flourishing with my man.” [This is where the writer of this article takes a deep breath] You can grab his college sweatshirt, the sweatshirt with his favorite team on it, that old dingy sweater that he never seems to wash, that free sweatshirt he got from running that 5k back in 2013 BUT you DO NOT PUT ON HIS FRATERNITY SWEATSHIRT. If his chapter is cool with this, please send a letter to Watch The [email protected] name the chapter and we will take care of this immediately. They do great things in the community, have great sisterhood, allow you to network with accomplished women in high places, are full of some of our communities top leaders and have a deep and long history of fighting for civil rights in this country.Just to be clear, people go viral for this in a BAD way. Just know that they don’t let just anyone join and you need to be a grade A candidate to even get the chance.

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“We’re not going to stop until he’s in custody,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said at a news conference Monday.

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