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Even not believing in God isn't regarded as sufficient reason to get out of the Catholic Church."There are many who were raised Catholic, and — even though their life has moved away from adamantly following Catholic doctrine — are still really concerned with their Catholicism and/or cite it often.

Once you've started Catholic, frankly, there's no real way to stop being Catholic.

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My Prayers to Revive the Catholic Church Do Ghosts exist?

So too it is also a day tinged with the sacred; it is a laudable and noble celebration to give thanks for all the goodness and blessings bestowed upon the United States of America.

However, for many of us, school textbooks excluded a Catholic historical perspective that reveals to us an American Thanksgiving event that predates the Puritan event celebrated in Massachusetts.

There are also certain N-Word Privileges: A comedian who tells you he or she was raised Catholic is probably going to make a lot of Catholic jokes or observations about the Church, that might be deemed more offensive if it came from someone else.

For whatever reason — perhaps because Christianity Is Catholic — there seems to be no common Protestant equivalent to this trope, even though people paying lip-service to their family or culture's religion is as old as religion itself.

So it seems that two historically significantly thanksgivings preceded the Puritan Massachusetts event.

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The date was September 8th, 1565, and the location St.

Augustine, Florida, upon the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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