Application screenupdating in powerpoint 2016 outlook updating organization forms

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Application screenupdating in powerpoint 2016

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while they are an open door to potential bugs (most often caused by the end users). My question: Is there one valid situation where you would use any of these statements without direct alternatives being available that catch typical bugs resulting from these stmts? Personally, in more than 6 years I can't remember a single case where I needed it; it seems always to be one of the the worst options available.

I believe that when silently allowed (which it automatically enhances in this case), starting VBA developers will create a growing amount of tools the wrong way (and thus also newcomers will inherit the behaviour - which they will also learn from Stack Overflow since Google returns the results they look for (! If the developer is not aware why he "can" use a "select" and in which situations it is a potential bug, (s)he should never use it imho.

Here are a few things we're already aware of: Known issues This is still considered a preview of the next major version, so we expect to see some issues.

Here are a few things we're already aware of: Version: 16.7 (Build 171020) Your feedback helps us improve.

I've seen this happen too many times in a large company where VBA is always "shit". It is not a question of being right or wrong; I am interested in hearing your point of view on the question.

While this is sometimes helpful, it does encourage bad code written by people who don't know that it's bad, but I will not belabor that point which has been made here: How to avoid using Select in Excel VBA macros What is better, conceptually? If you're merely using VBA to mimic keystrokes and mouseclicks, you're doing it wrong.In all other cases (which is the case in a good 99% percent of the time of what I see), I would lookup the ranges to format / validate on a dynamic level that doesn't require to be ' Active'. For the select, I also don't see why conditional formatting and Data validation need a select... You need a clear object identification, but why adding being selected as extra requirement? For this question, I refer to the post below to clarify myself: Why is my conditional format offset when added by VBA? In my previous company, it was a silent rule never to use it and it only made my VBA life (and that of the end user) better. In many, many posts I see these days, OP's are silently allowed to use . Why I create this question is because I think that it is worthful to make newcomers into VBA aware of the risks they take when using these statements (by experience proven risks when the End Users do something unexpected - in the end they don't have any affection with VBA) and to propose direct alternatives (I won't state I always did that before myself, but I feel in my gut that there is something wrong with just offering quick solutions on already bug monsters).

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