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We hear a lot about coaching, and we know what that means on the field, but what is a Dating and Relationship Coach? When women are thinking about dating help they aren’t thinking about “coaching.” You go to Google and put in something like “dating advice” or “help—I can’t meet any normal, nice guys!” but not “dating coach.” The main thing about a dating coach—or any kind of coach—is that our advice is behavior-based help. It’s different from going to a therapist or a counselor who’s working from the inside out.If therapy is part of what someone needs then that’s terrific and you should pursue that, but oftentimes adjusting behavior and learning new ways to act can be a terrific catalyst in your life and you can actually see immediate change.They could see that I was doing something different.This was the 90s and there were no guidelines for online dating.

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Because when you behave differently that sets in motion a chain reaction and people around you react to you differently, and you might start to get different results. I am a Rules Certified Dating Coach, and what that means is that I trained with Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider who wrote the book that’s aimed at Millennial women, but it’s also great for a woman of any age. It’s showing you how to act “as if” you have good boundaries, “as if” you have your life together—even if you feel that you don’t have every part of your act together.