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Passwords to user accounts, be they Archdiocesan or other service provider, should be changed regularly.Avoid using the same password for user accounts with different providers.User IDs and passwords are intended to enhance system security, not to provide users with personal privacy.User account passwords for systems that are not controlled by a centralized user directory or authentication system must be on record with the person in charge of the Location.Prohibited Practices Users of Archdiocese and or Location electronic communication systems, devices, or materials and users of personal devices and materials on the Premises under circumstances when the Archdiocese and/or the Location may become implicated in the use may NOT: Consequences of Violations of the Electronic Communications Policy Violations of this policy, including breaches of confidentiality or security, may result in suspension of electronic communication privileges, confiscation of any electronic communication device or materials, and disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, removal from parish or school activities, expulsion from school, canonical review, referral to local or other law enforcement, and other appropriate disciplinary action.Guidelines for Email Correspondence, Cloud-Based Services, and Other Electronic Communications All users of Archdiocese and Location communication systems and devices should use care in creating email, text, video, still images, instant or voice mail messages, or any postings on any social networking site.These policies, standards, and procedures include but are not limited to maintaining data confidentiality, maintaining the confidentiality of data security controls and passwords, and immediately reporting any suspected or actual security violations.The Archdiocese prohibits the use or alteration of archdiocesan data and/or information technology without proper authorization.

No unauthorized personal identification information regarding minors may be disclosed, used, or disseminated without proper authorization by a responsible person at the Location.

With permission from the person in charge of the Location, individuals may use archdiocesan systems, devices, and materials to access and use the Internet for personal business and web exploration outside regular business hours or during breaks.

All users shall conform to appropriate content management and web surfing guidelines, whether during or outside regular business hours.

Email, texts, and other electronic communications are not necessarily secure.

As with paper records, proper care should be taken in creating and retaining electronic records for future use, reference, and disclosure, as applicable. Postings to "All Employees," "All Parents/Guardians," "All Seminarians," "All Parishioners," and the like on intranets or the Internet must be approved by the person in charge of the Location before the postings are sent out.

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Electronic communication devices include but are not limited to regular and mobile telephones, two-way radios, facsimile machines, computers, laptops, electronic notebooks, tablets, audio and video equipment, flash drives, memory sticks, media players, and other communications equipment that may be created in the future.