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It seems that the holy words should not be left in the hands of men to interpret, as interpretation can always become subject to bias and preferences.

If you come to the understanding that the Bible today is the product of meticulous selection and nitpicking of details that would fit the image the church is trying to represent, you will soon start asking yourself if there is more to the ‘truth’ than what is dogmatized.

While this is not a large percentage, it is growing and is not far behind the 10 percent of those 18 to 24 who use these sites.

The interpretation we have received is one that appealed to the perception of the Church and as justification for the rules they like to impose on their followers.Even though both sexes are living longer, women still live eight years longer than their male counterparts.Because of this, the mismatch of men to women grows as time goes on, leading to around seven women for every man in assisted living.Being alone for seniors increases self-reported negative emotions, with 43 percent of seniors saying they have a persistent sense of loneliness."Many people have lost their loved ones and move here because they are lonely and isolated," Sosa said.

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The Bible is a collection of gospels – the gospels that made it through, that is.